Alternative Education Interscholastic Activities

7 years ago



Alaska Statute, AS 14.30.365, also known as the “home school” law will be in effect as of July 2013. This law allows students who are enrolled in “alternative education programs” such as accredited home school programs, AK Military Academy and /or remedial or theme based programs to participate in high school interscholastic activities.


Students must physically reside within the attendance area or receive approval of the governing board (HBSD School Board) to establish their “school of eligibility”.  Students residing in Klukwan must appeal to the HBSD school board in order to participate in activities at HHS.


In order to participate in HHS activities, students must meet the same guidelines as students enrolled in Haines High School.


Students must be academically eligible according to the HBSD and ASAA policies.  To be academically eligible a student must have a 2.0 gpa and receive no “F” grades on the most recent grade report.  A student who is ineligible remains so until the next grading period.


Seniors who are track to graduate and have earned at least 20 credits prior to the beginning of 1st semester and 22 credits prior to the beginning of 2nd semester and who have passed all parts of the HSGQE exit exam may be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credit-carrying classes. All other student must be enrolled in 7 credit-carrying classes per semester.


Students must not have transferred directly from a member school to start the 2013-14 school year (transfers will require a 90 school day period of ineligibility).


Students must not have been enrolled in high school for more than eight consecutive semesters since first enrolling in the ninth grade; and may not compete in a specific high school sport or activity for more than 4 seasons.  Students will not turn 19 years of age on or before August 1, 2013.


Students must be amateurs in each sport or activity in which they want to compete.


Students must not have been recruited by a person who coaches at the “school of eligibility” or by any other school representative.


Students must have all HHS activities paperwork on file in the office prior to the first day of practice, including a current physical exam.  Students must pay the determined activities fees, 60% of the ticket costs, and document the required community service hours prior to participating.


Students are aware and agree to comply with ASAA’s “Play for Keeps” tobacco, alcohol and drug education program and abide by the higher standard of HBSD as outlined in this handbook.

 ASAA also has a eligibility checklist available online at

For further information or to set up an eligibility check and enrollment appointment, contact Tiana Taylor, Activities Director at 766-6700.