Welcome to the Haines High School Activities Page!

At Haines High School, we encourage all of our students to participate in activities. We offer a wide variety of activities and athletics for every student to enjoy: including, Cross Country Running, Wrestling, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer and Stunt, Track and Field, Drama/Debate/Forensics (DDF), Music, Art, and Student Government.

Haines High School competes in the 2A division of the South East Region V Conference. We compete in this division against Petersburg, Wrangell, Metlakatla, and Craig.

Travel in Southeast Alaska can be quite the experience. To get to their competitions, our students primarily travel via the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Airlines. However, in some situations, the students also may travel via Alaska Seaplanes and Allen Marine Tours.

While traveling, student participants are expected to maintain their eligibility. Eligibility requirements are a 2.0 GPA and receiving no “F” grades on all grading reports during the season. Eligibility is checked weekly on Tuesdays!

Haines High School now hosts the pre-participation forms online with PlanetHS, previously known as ArbiterAthelete. This digital platform allows students and parents to complete and access forms via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. PlanetHS is also where you can upload your students updated physical evaluation. To be eligible for participation, a physical evaluation needs to be completed every 18 months. For more information regarding PlanetHS, check the quick links tab, or email me!

Haines High School values all of our activities and believes that they are a critical piece of the high school experience!

Lily Boron K-12 Principal