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2017-2018 Volleyball
2017-2018 Volleyball
Back Row: Coach Cassie Miller, Asst. Coach Alix Goodman, Becca Wheeler, Atlin Zanhow, Raine Winge, Macey Martin, Lydia Andriesen, Hannah Boron, Kolbie Cloke, Baylee Pearson, Asst. Coach Alisha Young
Front Row: Lindy Hill, Marissa Haddock, Miranda Haddock, Brittney Bradford, Makayla Crager, Debby Cheng, Megan Whitermore, Morgan Cloke
Sept. 6: Season Opens
Oct. 6-7: Small Schools at TMHS
Oct. 16-17: *Haines Seeding Tournament
Oct. 27-28: All Comers tournament at Sitka
Nov. 3-4: *Metlakatla Seeding Tournament
Nov. 17-18: Region V at Petersburg
Nov. 30-Dec. 5: State at Anchorage

*Seeding tournaments are required qualifiers for the Region Meet. Team attendance is mandatory.